More detailed information on the tools can be found at MTM KU Leuven Equipment.

Internal name​Complete nameModel Manufacturer More Info
SF Tensiometer​ Force Tensiometer​ K100SF KRÜSS 
Tensiometer​Dynamic Contact Angle measuring device and Tensiometer ​DCAT 25 DataPhysics Instruments GmbH 
DASA​ Optical contact angle measuring system​ OCA50 DataPhysics Instruments GmbH  
CORIO Refrigerated / heating circulator CORIO CD-200F JULABO GmbH wetting/Icing 
IAT​ Ice Adhesion Test Machine IAT-40 Jikan Group 
SPM High-accuracy syringe pump SPM-10 Jikan Group Icing 
RMC Pressure-variable thermoelectric chiller RMC-20 Jikan Group Icing 
SAHA​ Scratch, Adhesion, Hardness, Abrasion Tester LINEARTESTER  249​ ERICHSEN GmbH & Co. KG 
TODWA​ Thermo-Optical Dynamic Wetting Apparatus​ Internal design in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC 
High temp. rheometer​ ​ High temp. rheometer​ ​ Anton Paar GmbH Rheology (Metals) 
SurPASS​ ​Solid surface zeta potential analyzer ​SurPASS 3 Anton Paar GmbH Surface charges 
Litesizer Particle analyzer Litesizer 500 Anton Paar GmbH Particle size, zeta potential 
IGC​ Inverse Gas Chromatography​ ​ Adscientis 
​ PlasmaSpot​Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet PLASMASPOT® MINI​ Molecular Plasma Group (MPG) 
 SNeox3D Optical profilometer​- Confocal microscope​ ​S Neox Sensofar 
EPD​  Electrophoretic depositionInternal design Surface treatment 

In addition to these core devices, COMPLEXURF benefits from apparatus available either in the Department of Materials Engineering, Core facilities, or KU Leuven:

Internal name​Complete nameModel Manufacturer Application
ESEM​ Environmental scanning electron microscope XL30 ESEM FEG FEI/Philips 
fs laser 5-axis Femtosecond Laser Micromachining System Orion 5003 Orion Laser Tech Surface treatment 
XCT​ ​X-ray Computed Tomography ​ TeScan Unitom HR
TeScan Unitom XL
TESCAN, GE and Bruker Internal microstructure 
Ramé & Hart cell​ ​Environmental Chamber and Controller Kit & Elevated Temperature Syringes ​Model 190  (Chamber 100-07-KIT  High T. Syringe 100-10) Ramé-Hart instrument co. Wetting