SURFICE: Smart surface design for efficient ice protection and control

The project addresses three major research objectives: (i) investigate icing physics on complex surfaces to understand and model ice formation, accretion and adhesion; (ii) achieve rational design for anti-icing materials and coatings based on a novel concept of discontinuity-enhanced icephobicity; and (iii) develop new technologies for efficient ice prevention and control. The proposed antiicing solutions will be directly applied in aeronautics, energy systems and sensor technologies, as well as glass manufacturing and automotive industry through industrial partners. Intertwining surface science and engineering will benefit icing research, but also other innovative emerging technologies, where surface phenomena play a crucial role. Training on scientific, transferable, and entrepreneurial skills will complete the CVs of the young researchers providing an innovation-oriented mind-set. 

Period: 2021-2025 

People involved: Navid Mostofi Sarkari & Andrea Maslov