All our members contribute to educational activities e.g. lectures, practical sessions, exercise sessions and to STEM activities via the Katapult project  

David Seveno

David Seveno contributes (ed) to the following courses (Master of Materials Engineering, and EIT-KIC Master in Sustainable Materials

Teaching experience 

KU Leuven (in English) – Master level – since 2014 

  1. Polymer composites (B-KUL-H00E4A) (coordinator) with M. Mehdikhani – 6 ECTS 
  • Fibers, Polymer matrices, micromechanics of continuous and discontinuous fibers, impact, preforms 
  1. Materials Modelling and Simulation Techniques (B-KUL-H0S49A) (coordinator) with prof. N. Moelans and prof. A. Van Bael – 6 ECTS 
  • Full atomistic Molecular dynamics, coarse-grained molecular dynamics, Force fields, Metropolis Monte-Carlo, Dissipative Particle Dynamics 
  1. Surface Science and Engineering (B-KUL-H0S51A) (coordinator) with prof. F. Molina-Lopez and D. Soccol – 6 ECTS 
  • Characterization of liquids (surface tension), of solid surfaces, of solid/liquid interfaces,  engineering of solid/liquid interfaces 
  1. Recent Developments in Composites Research and Technology (B-KUL-H0S63A) (coordinator, Elective course) with C. Breite, S. Lomov, and A. Van Vuure – 3 ECTS 
  • Interfaces in composites, bio-composites, Carbon Nanotubes in polymer composites, damage in fiber reinforced composites  
  1. Adhesion Science and Engineering (B-KUL-H0P65A) – 3 ECTS 
  • Adhesion mechanisms, adhesives families, surface preparation, surface treatments 
  1. Project Work and Problem Solving Part II (B-KUL-H00B3C) (for the polymer composites part) with C. Breite and Y. Swolf 
  • Omega-stiffened panel 
  1. Small scale modelling techniques for materials with prof. N. Moelans – ATHENS week (since 2015) – 3 ECTS 
  • Full atomistic molecular dynamics, coarse-grained molecular dynamics, Force fields 
  1. Lecturer at the Spring School on Fundamentals of Surface Tension and Wetting – Brussels,  May 16-20, 2016 
  • Basics of surface tension 
  • Wetting in various geometries 
  • Advanced numerical tools 

UMons (in French) – Master & Bachelor levels – 2011-2013 

  1. Molecular modelling – 6 ECTS 
  • Molecular dynamics, Force fields, Metropolis Monte-Carlo, bio-molecules 
  1. Introduction to numerical simulation methods – 4 ECTS 
  • Random walks, Ising model, Monte-Carlo method, introduction to molecular dynamics

Annabel Braem

Teaching experience 

KU Leuven (in English) – Master level – since 2017 

  1. Biomaterials (B-KUL-H03U4A) – 3 ECTS 
  • Overview of materials in clinical applications 
  1. Host Response to Biomaterials (B-KUL-H0T59A) – 3 ECTS 
  • Basic mechanisms of the biological responses to the presence of implants in the body 
  1. Next Generation Biomaterials (B-KUL-H00S5A) – 3 ECTS 
  • Overview of most recent developments in biomaterials research with emphasis on concepts that are in (pre)clinical evaluation 
  1. Lecturer in the Continuing Education programma Theoretische Basiskennis van Extracorporele Technieken – KU Leuven Faculty of Medicine, 2 yearly 
  • Overview of materials in blood-contacting devices 
  1. Lecturer at the Summer School on Engineering Biomaterials for Human Health – Campinas, Brazil, July 10-23 2019 
  • Titanium in clinical applications 
  • Zirconia in clinical applications 
  • Biofunctionalization of biomaterials