How to unravel the evolution of oxides at aluminium/vapour interfaces? 🔎
Answering this question is challenging as it needs assessment of reactive wetting of molten aluminium on a solid metallic surface at temperatures above 1000°C. Thanks to the developed device at COMPLEXURF KU Leuven, i.e., thermo-optical dynamic wetting apparatus (TODWA), this question can be addressed. With this device, droplets of molten Al are deposited on a solid surface at temperatures as high as 1700°C, and their shape is characterized in terms of deviation from a fitted circle, and then correlated to the evolution of metal oxide species at the interface.
Youqing Sun (from COMPLEXURF KU Leuven) in Collaboration with K. Vijay Reddy, Ensieh Yousefi, Miral Verma, Nele Moelans, Muxing Guo, and David Seveno have comprehensively investigated this phenomenon, and the results are published in Acta Materialia journal. The article is accessible here and more info regarding the TODWA device can be seen at Equipment tab and MTM Equipment.


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