Composite Materials Group (CMG) at Materials Engineering | KU Leuven grants the CMG Award yearly to researchers of the group in two criteria including Best Science-Engineering Award and Best Outreach Award. For the Best Science-Engineering Award, the areas of evaluation are based on finding common areas of interest with international and national partners, and collaborative research efforts leading to joint publications, proposals, and projects. This year, the winners of the Best Science-Engineering Award were two COMPLEXURF KU Leuven members: Laurens Snels and Navid Mostofi Sarkari for their research on “Internal and interfacial microstructure characterization of ice droplets on surfaces by X-ray computed tomography”. This research work, within the frame of SURFICE – MSC-ITN, was accomplished in collaboration between COMPLEXURF KU Leuven, KU Leuven XCT Core Facility, Master Universitario di I livello in Sessuologia clinica UNIMIB, and FT Technologies Ltd. The publication related to this collaboration is available at:


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