Complexurf KU Leuven was pleased to organize the first Complexurf Day event on June 1, 2023, at Thermotechnisch Instituut, Leuven. The event, supported by Molecular Plasma Group (MPG), Adscientis, and Anton Paar was opened by welcoming participants from more than 15 Belgian research and industrial institutes.

The event was followed by talks from experts in surface and interface science field including:

• Droplets and surfaces: The deposition of ultra-thin coatings by a nature-inspired Spray-on-Screen technology for Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Prof. Wim Deferme (imo-imomec – Functional Materials Engineering – UHasselt)

• Capillary forces – On their applications to micromanipulation by Dr. Adam Chafai (Transfers, Interfaces, and Processes – Université libre de Bruxelles)

• Wettability of metal-oxide systems at high temperatures: combining experiments and modelling by Prof. Inge Bellemans (Sustainable Materials Science – Ghent University)

• On the quantitative mapping of the mechanical and electrical properties of materials at the nanoscale: the key role of scanning probe microscopy by Prof. Philippe Leclere (Laboratory for Physics of Nanomaterials and Energy – UMONS)

•Antimicrobial surface engineering: towards infection-resistant implants by Prof.
Annabel Braem (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering – KU Leuven)

A poster session was held after the lectures and 20 researchers presented their research to the visitors. An important part of the event was the lab visits from the facilities and infrastructures at Materials Engineering KU Leuven, with a focus on analytical tools on surface science and wetting.

Complexurf would like to appreciate the whole people and sponsors contributing to successfully organizing this event. More photos of the event can be viewed here:


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