Our new ice adhesion measurement system is fully operational now at KU Leuven Department of Materials Engineering. This system is a Jikan IAT-40 Ice Adhesion Test Machine purchased from JIKAN Group and supported by SURFICE – MSC-ITN. The system is a set of 3 devices consisting of the IAT-40 main body (for measuring ice adhesion strength by applying shear force), Jikan RMC-20 cooling chiller unit (for providing subzero temperature testing conditions), and Jikan SPM-10 injection unit (for remote water injection inside the icing chamber and uniform ice formation with flow rates down to 10 nl/s). With this system, we are able to measure ice adhesion stresses on solid surfaces within 0.0 to 2000.0 kPa range at 0 to -20°C temperature range. COMPLEXURF would like to appreciate Dr. Farshid Chini (Jikan CEO) and Jikan team for their help in installing and training the machine.


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